Our School Motto

Our School Motto

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Royal Bee

The Royal Bee award is received every week to a special staff member who is acknowledged by another staff member doing something safe, kind or responsible.  "Golden Tickets" are filled out and dropped in the jar at the main office.  Every Friday a new "Royal Bee" is picked.  PBIS members, John Terko (Principle), Liza Pouliot and Carolyn Tatlock (School Counselor) wear special "BEE" hats to deliver the news to the new Royal Bee.  At that time they will be given the "Royal Queen Bee" (stuffed pillow pet), a homemade box (by Carolyn) with chocolates and the privilege of parking in the special reserved space in the parking lot that reads:  "Leave it free for the Royal Bee".

This list are the recipient's of this award to date.  Congratulations to you all.  Thank you for being Role Models to your peers and to the children you work with.

September 2011:  Kate McLaughlin, Synergy Grade 1 Teacher
                            Cindy Pavlik, Administrative Assistant
                            Pat Bannerman, Related Arts Teacher (PE)

October 2011:     Jenn Kozlik, Planning Room Para-educator
                            Lyn Porter, Related Arts Teacher (PE)
                            Julie Rogers, Synergy Grade 1 Teacher

November 2011   Karen Allen, Lunch/Recess Aide
                            Jenn Kozlik, Planning Room Para-educator
                            Sarah Read, Kindergarten Teacher

December 2011   Terry Thyng, Harmony Grades 1&2 Teacher
                            Liza Pouliot, Kindergarten Special Education Para-educator
                            June Simmons, Guidance Secretary/Reception

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